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Updated. =)
101. A version of Kalig's countenance mask model that works with a hood.
102. Sith Tremor Sword from Kotor games. Credit to idea to Imperius.
103. Tu'kata Mount
104. Hiss (Dark side stealth monster crocodile think from Kotor 2) Pet.
105. /Computer Like the /dejarik you get a computer moniter spawn in front of you and you type away on a device.
106. Ship Class themed Mounts. i.e. Jedi ship themed speeder. Agent Ship themed speeder, Sith Ship themed speeder.
107. Darth Malak's Tattoo Option.
108. Kotor Sith Assassin Robes.
109. Zayne Carrik's Robes.
110. Rohlan Dyre's Mandalorian Armor
111. Lucian Draay's Robes.
112. Version of the Investigators Robes that doesn't have mods so u can add to collections and no double hood.