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01.27.2014 , 12:10 AM | #3179
The way I see it, if gay players have had to constantly look at the straight [Flirt] options since day one and have managed to ignore them and go on with their lives, I fail to see why straight players should get special treatment.

Personally, even though I'm straight as a board, I'd like to see SGR options. It would be useful especially for my Agent: as masters of subtlety and deception, I can easily imagine a straight male Agent playing a homosexual NPC like a fiddle to get as much out of him before just leaving him, like a male Mata Hari. It would definitely open up more gameplay options. One of the things I liked about the female Agent in the beginning was that one scene where you could seduce some NPC to stop him from blowing your cover, but unfortunately the male Agent never had such options.
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