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01.26.2014 , 04:08 PM | #104
As a person who enjoys leveling in RPGs, I must say I consider SWTOR to be better in that respect due to the focus on storytelling and the voiced quests - not to mention I like the SW setting obviously. I also enjoy exploration, but sadly WoW feels too illogically segmented and weirdly scaled, and SWTOR feels too linear. Combat wise I feel like WoW is much smoother but SWTOR's abilities have more "oomph". Both are pretty boring though, I am not a fan of tab targeting and trinity play. I hate MMO endgame with a passion (discovered so in WoW) and have no max level in TOR so I can't pass judgement here.

In my opinion MMOs tend to be rather average games that rely on their multiplayer aspect to make up for that mediocrity, and neither of these games are exceptions - however I consider SWTOR to be better due to its story - and also GSF has added a gameplay element I find enjoyable.