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I do not know about you guys, but I really felt like I was sort of mislead when it came to the concept of flashpoints.

Starting since PAX East where Tarol V was announced, Bioware made it seem like flashpoints would be these massive, hour long story sequences in which 4 people can partake in. There will be combat, exploration, and even dialog. When I look at Essles and Black Talon, this is what we get. It starts off by a long converation in which everyone participates in, and talks about what is going on. Then we get to combat, followed by more converation, then more combat, followed by a dramatic decision, more combat, more combat, more combat and a final boss, then another dramatic decision. However, when I got into other Flashpoints like Athiss, there was literally NO dialog! We goto that flashpoint terminal to talk to Miss Shan to get our mission, then we are dropped on this planet that reminds me of Yavin V, then for about 1 hour, there is nothing but pure combat as we literally go from Point A of the map to Point B. We fight a mini boss and then a main boss. Once the main boss is done, we are told to leave. No group climatic decision to end it real story depth.....nothing like the Black Talon or Essles flashpoints.

Anyone else disappointed by this?
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