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So I have no where to vent my frustration except on the forums. I was just given a lecture by my dad to play less of swtor (not that he knows what it is) because I "can't control myself and will get addicted" since he saw me have swtor open over the past few days. Now I am a very casual swtor player. Been playing for about a year and my highest toon is 51, the rest are low 20s, although I have 6 toons in total. This ie because I only play on break/ during the holidays becauwe the rest of the time im too busy with homework.

What he said was that I'll get addicted and can't control myself and the game will turn into a hobby such rhat I don't do work properly anymore. The problem is I have no grounds to defend myself even though I do pretty well in school and coaching and he's seen poof of it because he's too stubborn and ignorant and due to the fact that he has power over me. Even if I made a valid argument he would just say something like "I don't care do what the **** I say because I'm always right and I make you money and you don't make money", which is why I've decided to vent my frustration on the forums.

During the holidays I've got a lot of spare time, apart from the occasional piece of homework which I will always do on schedule and I think it would feel more rewarding to spend time that I rarely get outside of break onto an MMO rather than spend my day on youtube watching jennamarbles or something. He thinks that because I'm spending time on this game now,I will get addicted to the game later and not do my work. I always thought of playing the game as a reward for myself. I mean he doesn't even check in on my work. He just occasionally asks oh have you done a bit of maths homework? And then says I won't manage you, you do everything yourself and then goes and watches his tv shows. He doesn't know how much time I normally put into homework and yet hes trying to tell me what to choose as my hobbies. I just feel really pissed about this; somewhat oppressed and that he's just being a lazy parent.

I know most of the swtor playerbase are very mature people and well accomplished in life and dont have to deal with things like this. Im sorry I wrote basically an unstructured essay I just put out what came to mind. If anyone is bored enough to read this could you tell me am I just being a whiny little ***** or am I right? Im 14 almost 15 btw. Wow **** I wrote so much.

Massive kudos to anyone who reads the whole thing.