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You honestly think, in the context they're talking for that press release, that KOTOR counts as "core gaming" but SWTOR counts as "casual"?

Sorry, but I really doubt that's what they're saying. "Casual," in the context they're talking about, is "Angry Birds: Star Wars". That's why people are drawing such a distinction between Browser games and other online games. A browser game like Angry Birds or the upcoming OT Starfighter game is simply in a whole different category than even the most "casual friendly" MMO - which stills fall comfortably under the umbrella of "core gaming."

They would have been a LOT more explicit about EA's license being limited to single-player games if that was really the dividing line.
Well, we'll pretend you're right while we watch more and more non-EA online games, including mmos, come out. Guess we'll just ignore those as "non-EA canon" as they come.

In other words, you think you're right and I think I'm right but neither of us 100% knows for sure. So I'm just going to hedge my bets on myself because I always bet on the home team. lol