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When it comes to Star Wars games, singleplayer is the "core". Battlefront, 1313 ( unfortunately canceled ), the original KotORs', Jedi Knight, etc, etc.

SWtoR for example is the epitome of a game for the casual market. F2P with a cash shop, little difficulty, designed to be played for a couple hours a week ( and the main reason so many left right after launch ( no content ) because EAware only thought people would play for that 2-3 hours a week ).

And I just don't understand how so few people can understand that online is online, doesn't matter what platform or if it's in a browser, online is online and EA does not have exclusive rights to online.
You honestly think, in the context they're talking for that press release, that KOTOR counts as "core gaming" but SWTOR counts as "casual"?

Sorry, but I really doubt that's what they're saying. "Casual," in the context they're talking about, is "Angry Birds: Star Wars". That's why people are drawing such a distinction between Browser games and other online games. A browser game like Angry Birds or the upcoming OT Starfighter game is simply in a whole different category than even the most "casual friendly" MMO - which stills fall comfortably under the umbrella of "core gaming."

They would have been a LOT more explicit about EA's license being limited to single-player games if that was really the dividing line.
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