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Attack Squadrons is a browser game. Also, EA has exclusive rights to publishing Star Wars titles (excluding mobile and browser).
Wrong, EA has no rights to ONLINE games, which mmo games obviously are. I've had to explain this to a few people now, because somehow some peoples' brains don't understand browser game can only be online.

The deal doesn't give EA complete control over all Star Wars video game titles: Disney will hold onto the rights to develop and publish titles in the "mobile, social, tablet and online game categories."
In other words, EA only has exclusivity over singleplayer games. LucasArts could begin development of SWtoR 2, SWG, Battlefront Online, or any other Star Wars mmo they could think of and have any developer they want , including SOE which I'd love just for the "smack-to-the-face" it would be to EAware, make it while EAware sits and cries.

You honestly think Disney looked at SWtoR at the time they bought LA and thought "Oh yeah, EAware is best for our online games"?