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Yes, LucasArts renewed the name "Star Wars Galaxies" back in December. Yes, SOE made a crypic announcement alluding to former players of SWG "coming home" soon. Do the two events have anything in common? Spectulation only, but it sure does look like it.
Trademarks need to be renewed after 10 years, that's the only reason this mark got renewed in December. But you knew that.
Star Wars Galaxies:
Registration Date: January 2004
Renewal Date: December 2013

Rogue Squadron:
Registration Date: June 2000
Renewal Date: June 2010

Jedi Power Battles:
Registration Date: August 2001
Renewal Date: August 2011
etc., etc., etc.,

In the same remarks where Smedley said that their "unannounced" next game would be "dedicated to" SWG players, he alse specifically said that their "new unannounced MMO" is based on a "completely new IP." But you knew that.
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