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Yeah, I think Smedley tends to get smacked around by armchair quarterbacks because the series of errors called SWG.
It's more substantial then that. Personally, I have no emotional investment in SWG, nor SoE for that matter, simply pointing out that Smedley is persistent in what he does.. and yet.. there he is.. getting ready to in all likelihood do it again.

To pretend that they (SoE) are thoughtful and successful stewards of their MMO properties is kind of misguided IMO. And Smedley is at the helm.. so it's on his watch.

As for Smedley.. it's not the mishandling of any single MMO property, but rather the persistent mishandling of so many over such a long period of time. It's amazing that he has not gone the way of other executives that have been visible and public through the rise and fall of MMO properties ------> retirement.
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