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It won't be a Star Wars MMO, EA has the license for the coming decade.
Most likely it'll be a sci-fi sandbox game, in the spirit of SWG (minus all the mistakes) and he's counting on the SWG fans to support it.
At most it will be a Spiritual Successor in terms of gameplay, but it won't be a "New Star Wars MMO". The new SOE MMO will be "dedicated to [SWG fans]" the same way Star Citizen is dedicated to Wing Commander/Freelancer fans. Same "feel", but set in a different universe.

This is still good news for SWG fans who've been looking for something to scratch their sandbox gameplay itch though. (And heck, it's not impossible that it'll "inspire" EA/BW to add a few more sandbox elements to mitigate the risk of losing players to it - although that is far from certain.)
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