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One, two skip a few 99, 100. =)

83. Portable Flashlight bulb (like the ones used for Kaon)
84. Urgnaught Wrench Vibrosword item.
85. Darth Sion Holo Statue (looks only)
86. Darth Nihilis Holo Statue (looks only)
87. Darth Traya Holo statue(looks only)
88. Darth Malak Holo Statue (Crew skills vendor for white crafting matts)
89. Bao-Dur Holo Statue (Cybertech)
90. Mandalore The Preserver Holo Statue (Biochem ((Because he always gave stims in the old games))
91. Emperor Vitiate Holo statue (looks only)
92. Bastila Shan Holo Statue (Synthweaving)
93. Artis holo statue (Artifice)
94. Cassus Fett Holo Statue (Armortech)
95. More short jackets like Calo Nord's
96. /Sleep emote. (so we can lay on the floor, or on the beds in our ship.)
97. More unique Vibroswords. Loved the Cathar war sword.
98. Lightsaber training probe heal item (for gun users, they shoot them to blow up.)
99. Rakghoul bloodstained GSI Hot Rod mount. (with a mounted head on it.)
100. KOTOR Jedi Tunic robes.