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I think my favorite situation dealing with this mindset was a DPS rage quitting SM Hammer Station because I, the tank, hadn't put a Guard in the Healer, who was a friend of mine (and on voice with me at the time). It was a DPS Shadow who went into tank stance to slap Guard on the Healer and then couldn't understand when I called b. s.

I used to be of the "Guard the Healer!!!" camp until I started tanking Operations, but as someone else suggested: doing PUG flashpoints, more than anything, the tank needs to evaluate the situation and use their best judgement. If the DPS are ignoring the adds and going top->down, then the tank should be doing their damnedest to gather up and hold threat on every enemy in the mob to keep it off the Healer. And if that's still not enough, then put Guard on the Healer and let the DPS occasionally have to eat the damage from potentially ripping aggro off the tank because they're not doing their job.
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