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01.24.2014 , 12:07 PM | #4
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Well i aint fun if the others have variaty of tank classes :P. I just dont get why it aint like 2 mara max etc etc
Because the queue system just throws people into a team. It doesn't look at what spec/class you are and BW doesn't want to do matchmaking for regs because they are all about the fastest queue times over have quality queue's. It doesn't help that queue's are single server so BW is limited in how they can manage the queue system. Also, until they remove the ability to do hybrids, I don't see a matchmaking ever working properly in regs. Ranked solo is almost exclusively hybrids where tanks and healers are getting themselves flagged as dps. Requiring 36 point trees to queue would fix this, but I don't see BW ever doing that.