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01.24.2014 , 11:10 AM | #16
There are only two times where it makes sense to guard the healer.

1. When it is a fight with something with no aggro table or lots of "focus fires" where aggro table is ignored to go after a random player and tank can stay close enough for the healer to benefit from the damage reduction.

2. When the healer is so overgeared compared to the rest of the group that he/she is able to keep the group healed and is doing more DPS than the DPS. This usually happens when leveling up but does on occasion happen in HM FPs.

That being said I don't really get my knickers in a twist over it. If I'm healing and the tank guards me I don't worry as in almost every circumstance I can keep the DPS up even when they pull agro. If I'm tanking and the healer is being a whiny ***** I'll throw it on them. Not like anyone is likley to pull from me anyway and if they do it isn't for long. If I'm DPS and I'm pulling aggro and the healer can't keep me up I just suck it up, lay off DPS a bit to let the tank build aggro, make sure I'm using my aggro drops, use my defensive cool downs and pray.

Just not worth the arguments from people who don't understand the mechanics.