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I recently leveled an agent healer to 55, my previous toons were 2 DPS and a tank. Having played all roles now, I appreciate what each role needs from the others in order to succeed. (My favorite role is still DPS).

My experience in HM flashpoints as a healer goes one of two ways: either I sit back and heal away, focusing mostly on the tank, and draw little to no threat, or I nearly immediately die because mobs are all over me once I start healing. This is irrelevant of whether a guard is on me or not. As many have said, if the DPS aren't targeting lower level mobs, they surge onto the healer. Guard doesn't help much in that case.

As others have said, the burden is on the tank and DPS to hold threat- the tank on the bosses and high-level mobs, and the DPS on the rest. If they don't do that, the healer will immediately die. I find it hilarious when a vote kick is initiated on the healer because "you're dying too fast". It's even funnier when it comes from the tank, who should know better. Dying fast is usually not the healer's fault. On the other hand, it is a pleasure to be in a group where everyone knows their role.
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