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Biggest problem is that both camps are speaking in what ifs.

Must guard the DPS camp
They operate under the assumption that the tank is not doing his job or that the dps will overaggro the tank. This camp uses the threatreduction as their main reason why you need to guard a dps.

Must guard the Healer camp
They operate under the assumption that the DPS are not doing their job, leaving the weaker enemies bash on the healer. This camp uses the damagereduction as their main reason why you need to guard a healer

If you want to dig deeper you have some inbetween camps but suffice to say that there's no real agreement. Else everybody would guard the DPS from the start or the healer. Neither is happening.

What to do as a tank
When you play with friends whom you know are skilled and might overaggro give them a guard. In ANY OTHER case start with guarding the healer or nobody.
Every member of your group is a stranger to you so you won't be able to tell who and if they are going to rip from you. Don't be afraid to guard the healer in this case since its always better to guard something. This places both DPS on an equal playing field.
Now you need to watch the HP bars of the DPS and healer. If either of them takes more damage than intended you a. may have been overaggroed and the DPS took damage from your adds. Or b. the DPS are tunneling on the strongest, leaving the weaker enemies which were to far away for you to control on the healer.

IF the DPS overaggro you give them a guard since the threatreduction is the better alternative.
IF the DPS are tunneling and not pulling aggro keep the guard on the healer to ease your job as a tank and to give the healer a 5% damagereduction.

Other cases/fights
In some fights its best to guard the squishiest member of the group. Most likely this will be the healer. Some examples of this are:
Mandoraiders - (boss with doggies) - DPS will never overaggro you here since they beatup the dogs and not the boss itself
Cad - Wookieboss - healer has a high risk of pulling aggro from the adds, damage reduction is nice for them.
Hammerstation last boss - guard a melee DPS in here since ranged and healer will take no/lesser damage

guarding in operations is even much much more variable. At times you will even guard your co-tank (examples/ Nevra/Draxus/Grobbie if you feel the need for it).

ERGO; Base your guardbehaviour upon each bossfight and each groupmember. Dont ever follow a static rule of guarding someone upfront.
As a last precaution. Don't worry if people will bash you on the forums for following this strategy.
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