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I am a avid fan of SWTOR and enjoy many aspects if the game. I really like your PVP bolster system as you are leveling. I find warzones in the game very enjoyable however ,I do have, some suggestions that i believe would make PVP more user friendly, if you will. First of all let the player choose what warzones he/she wants to play. This, by the way, would be good for flashpoints and raids as well. I prefer warzones to death matches myself ,at the very least a individual should be able to opt out of one or the other if he/she prefers to. As it is currently now I leave anytime I get into death matches and re-queue. This makes my wait longer and I am sure annoys other ppl in the queue when I leave after a pop, I am positive I am not he only one who does this. By giving players the option to choose you would reduce this annoyance in the game and I believe, make players happier overall.

Also, if you were to implement a cross server queue for PVP only this would reduce queue times. I am not a big fan of cross server queues for any pve aspect of the game but I don't see how it can hurt in PVP.

Thank you for you time.
First off, i hardly did any PvE at all in this game - but aren't you allready able to enter whatever raid/FP you want? And yes, there have been much debate here regarding Arenas being forced upon players queueing for Normal Warzones. Being able to Opt out is the very least they should do imo.

X-Server queueing is something the PvP community have been wanting for quite some time now, but BW seem to lack the will to put any effort into it - which also results in:
-Matchmaking System Failing
-Many more players quitting Warzones/Arenas
-Longer waiting (Specially for Ranked)
-Non-existing Matchmaking in Normal Warzones/Arenas
-Leaderboard system being divided by server
-Premade vs PUG matches (Since there is no functional matchmaking)

Im not sure why an option to cross server queue would "hurt" PvE either, but for PvP it's desperatly needed imo.
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