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I am a avid fan of SWTOR and enjoy many aspects if the game. I really like your PVP bolster system as you are leveling. I find warzones in the game very enjoyable however ,I do have, some suggestions that i believe would make PVP more user friendly, if you will. First of all let the player choose what warzones he/she wants to play. This, by the way, would be good for flashpoints and raids as well. I prefer warzones to death matches myself ,at the very least a individual should be able to opt out of one or the other if he/she prefers to. As it is currently now I leave anytime I get into death matches and re-queue. This makes my wait longer and I am sure annoys other ppl in the queue when I leave after a pop, I am positive I am not he only one who does this. By giving players the option to choose you would reduce this annoyance in the game and I believe, make players happier overall.

Also, if you were to implement a cross server queue for PVP only this would reduce queue times. I am not a big fan of cross server queues for any pve aspect of the game but I don't see how it can hurt in PVP.

Thank you for you time.
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