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01.24.2014 , 03:11 AM | #7
When I heal, I want to see the guard going on the dps who is taking the most agro, and it becomes apparent very quickly which dps this will be. A guard on that player has the potential to make my job as a healer so much easier than it would be if the tank had just stuck the guard on me. I don't enjoy healing both a tank who is taking large amounts of damage, and a dps who is continually close to death due to stealing agro from the tank. If I'm taking large amounts of damage, I can use my threat drop or run to the tank, but I really just need the mobs that are hurting me to be dealt with by the dps. DPS need to learn to perform their role to assist in reducing the damage taken by everyone but the tank, but in lower level content in particular this is sometimes too much to expect. If a lower level tank puts a guard on me, I think its nice that they know they have one and bother to use it, but they'll soon be told if it needs to go on someone else.