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Ok, let me start by saying I'm a returning player after around a one year break and using this game to kill time until the next WoW expansion (Killing Heroic Garrosh loses its charm after a while). However I have come across a disturbing trend amongst the healers when tanking "Flashpoints" (I'm at level 36 if that gives you a point of reference) at this time. There is a lot of them that refuse to heal, until they receive the "guard" ability.

Now my "Train" of thought is this ability is best used on the highest DPS of your current party to maximise there efficiency, as healers generate the lowest amount of threat. As far as I am aware a heal generates 0.5 threat per 1 point of health healed, divided amongst the mobs in a pull. So in conclusion, as long as the "Tank" or "DPS" is hitting the mob, healing aggro should not be a problem.

Soo, unless this information is wrong ( and if it is please explain why! I wanna learn!) Why do so many players believe healers should be guarded over the DPS?