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I don't. Recruits going up against war heroes and you quickly saw a player say "**** it" to PVP and leave altogether.
Only a coward would leave. Or even worse, someone who wants everything given to them. I remember starting in recruit gear, and everyone was in battle master gear(And this was back when the PVP community was 10 times as big and collectively skilled). Yes, I got stomped, but I was still able to assist my team by playing more in a support capacity which is paramount when you're undergeared to maximize your effectiveness. After 3 weeks of heavy PVP, I was able to get all of my War Hero gear. And since I was undergeared for so many games, I was forced to pay more attention to what my opponent was doing, and how to counter them in numerous ways since I had to be smarter in many instances to win. So once I acquired all of my gear I absolutely melted faces across the board. That's because I combined my experience from being undergeard along with the extra power of my upgraded stats to be one of the above average PVPers on my server.

This game is the easiest when it comes to gearing your PVP toon. WoW is 100 times harder and longer, that's because you have to play so many games including a crap-load of arenas to get an optimized PVP set. Everyone who PVP's at one time or another was the guy getting pulverized because he was undergeared and eventually earned his gear. You're a cry baby, who gets his feelings hurt if he loses. Well so what, instead of crying about it use it as fuel to play harder and longer so when you do earn your gear you make every one of your opponents pay.
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