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Pretty sure it'd still be a lot of work.
It'd just be "different" work - no need to create new scenes, write plots or record voice acting. But there would probably be a lot of new coding involved, especially if they adjust the enemies to scale to level.
Dude, no scaling. Just a reset to allow you to repeat the quests. If this game was moddable it would've been done ages ago. I don't need it because I haven't finished the storyline on ANY characters but there is demand and it makes sense. It requires minimal effort and extends the replayablity of the game by a lot.

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Big flippin deal. Does the cluster **** code mean people aren't allowed to ask for things they'd like? I have great confidence that Bioware can figure it out...I don't believe they're nearly as inept as you seem to think they all are.

I too would love to replay my class quest as it was. I have long felt that the Class story gets lost in the numerous side quests. That's why I make it a point to over level my toons as much as I could - so I could actually enjoy the CLASS quest without it being forgotten about.
Yea, I mean people make it sound like Bioware can't do ANYTHING because the game's code or engine or whatever is too difficult to modify. Well then maybe they shouldn't be running an MMO because you constantly have to add stuff.