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Looking a little closer there's (obviously) some differences to the old lvl 50 of the perks that stood out to me back then was the 30% from Bleedout and the 30% from Dark Resonance(only 15% now). It's not possible to get Bleedout and Cascading least not without sacrificing the Accuracy boost. It would be interesting to see the difference in swapping Cascading Power for Bleedout. I'm sure a more ambitious theorycrafter than I could figure out pretty quickly whether a 9% boost that's up ~60% of the time wins over a 30% boost to your bleeds that crit 30-40% of the time.
it isnt worth it, bleeds are 20% dmg, crit 30% of the time, and a 30% surge will increase the total dmg of a crit by about 15-20%. .2*.3*.2=1.2% .2*.3*.15=.9%. cascade is .09*.6=5.4%