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Ok so there are 2 Hybrid builds outside, 20/23/3 from newton and 11/8/27 from Akromious. There is another one similar to 11/8/27 that popped up in the heroics/fps/ops forums mentioned here

The spec 11/2/33 which uses Cascading Power with Deadly Saber and Rupture bleeds. It is still basically Rage spec but without Force Exhaustion (and Shockwave that comes with Force Exhaustion). Most of the damage still comes from Smash but followed closley behind by your bleeds.

Some raid parses using the aptly named.. dotsmash spec
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I don't think Atrixx has an AMR. The essence of it is giving up Force Crush to pick up Deadly Saber without sacrificing Cascading Power (as the other marauder hybrids generally do). Deadly Saber, Rupture, Obliterate, Smash, Force Scream, Ravage and Vicious Throw all on cooldown. It's fine to delay Rupture by a GCD or two if you can get it directly prior to a Smash. Try to keep Ravage within a Cascading Power buff (should be every third Smash exactly).

One perk of this spec is Deadly Saber's application is delayed by the use of Smash and Scream (neither of which exist in the Annihilation rotation), which means that you will generally get more ticks per activation than an Annihilation marauder will.
I looked at the logs and wrote a little something about the spec

Marauder / Sentinel dotsmash hybrid →
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