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HM Hammer Station with 2 other Guildies and a GF Sage DPS.

Get to Mining Droid and our DPS decides he has a Lightsaber so he must be melee. He proceeds to stand on top of the tank and swing his lightsaber... Well not quite true he didn't always stand on the tank. He did decide to stand in the red circles from the exploding droids.

Conversation after the fight:
Me: You know as as a sage you're ranged, right? Your DPS swinging a lightsaber is negligible...
Him: My DPS as anything is negligible, I'm heal spec.
Me: Then why are you in as a DPS?
Him: Blame GF
Guildie 1: Did you queue as both DPS and Heals?
Him: Yes
Me: Perhaps you shouldn't if you don't have a DPS spec.
Him: You're an uptight ***hole (*** is mine)
He then proceeds to rage quite before we could vote kick him...

Not a strange group but a bad group.
PUG GF Cad. Me on my full 78 (except for 72 main hand hilt) Scoundrel heals. Just wrapping up my weekly comms to get ultimates for alt gear.

Take a quick look at the group and it's three from same guild. A little under geared 66 Purples mostly but certainly more than geared enough to do the instance. I figured with their gear I might actually have to pay some attention instead of napping through most of the FP.

Get through the beginning trash and I had to do more than just pay attention, I had to actually heal since everyone was taking aggro, including me. Eh, whatever.

Go to the bottom of the elevator. Navigate through by the shuttle. One DPS seems to be contemplating the stars or something and doesn't follow. Bot knocked off and of course the DPS ends up pulling the group of mobs. I turn around and start healing the aggroed DPS figuring the tank and other DPS will come back. Nope. Long story short wipe number 1.

Rez and head back. Make our way through the trash up until the group past the first security gate. I get into normal position to the left of the gate expecting the tank to pull the mobs into the room. Nope. Tank goes into the room guns blazing (Vanguard tank). Pulls several groups. Now some of the groups come into the room and head for the DPS. I start healing. Of course since we had so many mobs some of the start attacking me. Last a few minutes but with 5 or 6 mobs on me I go down. Wipe #2.

Me: If it's not too much trouble, perhaps someone could taunt or shoot the mobs attacking the healer?
Tank: You have to give the tank time to get aggro...
Me: ok... I was healing you so you wouldn't die but if you prefer me not to heal you I'm ok with that....
Tank: <crickets chirping>

Demonstrating the definition of Insanity of repeating the same action and expecting different results we try again. This time the tank actually goes into the room outside of my LOS. I reposition so he is in in LOS and start healing. BAM instant aggro on me. 5 or 6 mobs on me. Down I go.

Deciding to cut my losses I just said in group chat, "Sorry you guys just don't know what you are doing, GL" and left group. I feel sorry for whatever healer got them next. I'm sure they proceeded to complain about the "fail" healer in guild chat....

HM Meltdown me on my Sent and 3 GF PUGS.
Clear trash with little problem. Get to the first boss (doing Sand side first).
Tank proceeds to start fight by using the console.
Needless to say he's out of position and takes an extra smash session to get to the first barrel. Commando healer can't keep us up. Go into the second barrel with less than half health on anyone. Wipe #1.

Explain the mechanics. With some pain we down the boss this time.

Move through rest of instance with little issue. Get to last boss. Take down the pylons no problem.
Boss comes down. Tank, Healer, and other DPS all stand there in Spin Attack. Wipe #2.

Me: You all have to get out of the Spin attack.
Group: <crickets chirping>

Give it another try. Pretty much same results. Again I'm the only one alive after they stand in the spin attack.


Tank: DPS Needs to keep up?
me: Huh? This fight is not a DPS race it's mechanics. You have to get out of spin attack. Use your break and/or your force speed.
Tank: No you guys need to do more DPS
Tank proceeds to quit.

Tank then proceeds to start sending tells to us telling us how we were doing things wrong. Private tells to me:
Tank: You can think what you want, but 30K in repairs tells me you were doing something wrong.
Me: I've tanked, healed and DPSed this boss. It's not a DPS race it's mechanics. But since you are trying to blame others you might want to look at your gear and augment for Shield/Defense/Absorb instead of willpower...
Me: But you don't have to worry about grouping with me again.

Tank goes onto my ignore list.