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haha true that. i have enjoyed HS fp btw. since i can get to see lots of newbie mistakes and fun. i always pug. and i do 2-3 fp per day while leveling. if its tank toon, i tend to level it through fp. my sin tank never did anything on planets. just pug runs and story and now 51 level lol. so i enjoy pug runs as you get to see good players and make friends and you can recruit as well. if you are high enough to recruit in guild.

but ya, ninja looting i hate. or maybe they dont even know anyway. i tend to explain but sometimes its blank from otherside.
You must have a lot more patience than I have (I freely admit that I don't have lots of patience - exactly the reason why I don't pug)

On the topic of ninja looting: I once pugged on my Assassin as DPS for HS. We had a Sorc healer who asked right away whether he could get all the lightsaber drops. No one replied (seriously, we all were either Warriors or Inquisitors so this was a pretty bold question). He repeated the question several times. Throughout the entire fp, he needed on everything. When the first boss dropped a Juggernaut headgear, he needed on it and then (!) asked whether he could have it. I considered needing as well because of that guy, but it wasn't my decision and when the Juggertank said he could have it, I rolled greed.
The second boss dropped a pair of pants with STR. The tank rolled need, our Sorcerer, of course, rolled need as well and said: I need that!. I rolled need as well, telling the tank if I win the roll, he'd get it.
Sadly, the Sorc won the roll. The tank told him he needed it, but the Sorc just left group.
He got added to my ignore list straight afterwards. Such selfishness -.-