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I agree with you completely, No offence. but come on man. its HS SM fp. first real fp which asks for role play. give break to new players. most dont know how that role play works for fps. either tank/dps/heals if they are new. and some dont want to admit their first. have seen that many times as well. but, its hard to die in HS SM and it costs what? 100-600 for repairs? big deal.

i know it might get frustrating. i am just saying its first proper fp of game and new players may not know anything at that time. forgive and teach is what i do at that fp or that level
if you did get pissed too much there is always leave group with dc option as well
You're right and believe me, I usually don't mind dying there (unless I die the entire time because someone doesn't do his job properly. This has happened only one time so far, because the healer was strange) and in that story, the dying itself wasn't the issue. But it was a horrid run with plenty of things going wrong (healer who was clearly DPS, ninjalooting tank who didn't use sweep, DPS in tank stance who didn't know it was tank stance and this healer). I didn't really mind the dying, I was only annoyed because she didn't listen at all when I told her she didn't need guard and was a bit insulted by her lack of trust when it came to her getting aggro (as I said, she didn't get attacked once and being a healer, she probably had to notice that).

I stopped pugging (though it sometimes tempts me), but I've made enough HS SM runs to know you can't expect perfection there. I don't expect it, but some things do get annoying.