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Tell you what though, I would like to re-experience the stories in HM. What I mean is, what if after you finish the class stories, it unlocks a hard mode option to run the instances again with mobs in HM. I would prefer 55 HM mode.

The drops could be updated accordingly as well as the comms. I'd love to see some of those last fights with the Emperor etc. etc. really become group fights almost like a Ops boss.

Just throwing that out there.
Yes, this would be pretty awesome for making class videos.
We already have these huge databanks and holopojectors on our ships, so turning that into a holodeck that would allow to replay the story in something similar like ME3's "action mode" (choices are preset, based on what you did before), with encounters harder (or not), should not be a problem (from in-universe standpoint, from game making standpoint, it would be a crapload of programming work)
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