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The tanks in lowbie fps who can't hold a group together, don't even apply guard to anyone.
I tend to agree with that. Despite the lack of an aoe-taunt, it's fairly easy to hold aggro from entire groups in lower fps as most of them aren't spread out. Even as a Juggernaut.

Guarding the healer, because lots of enemies attack him is usually more like trying to cure the symptoms rather than the sickness.
In order to prevent enemies from attacking the healer, only a bit of damage is neccessary (way less than it would be neccessary to prevent them from attacking DPS who are attacking them or using AOEs). In lower level fps it's easy to deal a bit of damage to every enemy and if a single weak/normal enemy is out of range and is attacking the healer, he will survive that even without the 5% damage reduction.
If DPS tunnelvision it's still better to guard them because they may take aggro away from you and take damage. If they don't do their job properly, screw them and just tank all the other enemies and let them deal with the elite themselves. If they die, it's their fault and the healer is protected simply because you're taking the damage. He'll be happier than he'd be if everyone was attacking him and he only had a 5% damage reduction.

I, once, healed a tank in HS SM who put guard on me. When I complained about too many adds attacking me, he replied I had guard. I wanted to facepalm. When I get attacked by every single enemy except for the elites, a 5% damage reduction won't help me much. I will have to spend most of my energy and time on healing myself and the rest of the group will suffer the consequences.

It's the tank who decides whom to guard, so it's not a matter of making up for a bad tank. If he considers guarding the healer because he doesn't keep aggro, he might as well consider keeping aggro. As I stated before, it isn't so hard. Every tank has at least one AOE even at lower levels and even Juggernauts have Force Scream which helps getting aggro from a bit more distant enemies.

Some healers can be really annoying about wanting to be guarded.
In Cademinu HM, I pugged with a guild member of mine who was a pretty good mDPS. Naturally, I put guard on him because I knew he might steal aggro from me. The healer demanded guard several times even though I refused.
I knew the mechanics, I knew how to get all the enemies to focus on me, why would I guard her?

Another time, I pugged for HS SM on a Powertech as DPS (because my gear wasn't as good as I'd liked it to be, I didn't tank). Our tank guarded no one and I'm sure he didn't once used Smash because every time I used an AOE, I got all the aggro and died.
The healer (who joined after the first boss because our first healer was a DPS) did not once get aggro, yet she demanded guard. I told her I was the one who should be guarded, because I kept getting aggro, but she kept demanding guard. Our new tank (we had to kick the previous one due to ninja looting), later guarded her which upset me a little bit as she hadn't been attacked once. Her saying: "I don't care who tanks as long as I don't get attacked" upset me even more because the other DPS and I had been protecting her pretty well so far. And of course, she didn't need the 5% damage reduction a single time.

Edit: Forgot to add: If healers keep demanding guard in lower level fps because they fear they might get attacked, even more tanks without experience may start to think they need to guard the healer and not the DPS.