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Class story would be something that needs to be progressed.
Because it keeps things moving and interesting from the daily rep grinding and comms gathering.

Once you get full Ultimate gear there is nothing left to do.
Its pretty much like "You become a Darth/Master and so on now what?" because the Republic and Empire still goes on.

If not you end up with characters on your account that you don't log unto for months because they and their companions full ultimate gear.

New Operations should come with a higher level cap.
As the galaxy is a tough place and there are always many challenges that demand your attention.
Just as new powers rise within the Empire and Republic so should new challenges and enemies to meet them.

New Planets would be nice as well as a faction that not just protects their neutrality but can actively challenge the galaxies super powers.
Similar to how the Yuuzhan Vong did after Return of the Jedi.

Hopefully the new planets will go beyond the Nostalgia of past planets from previous star wars games and continue exploration/discover anf story of the galaxy.

Deeper companion stories with current companions and not just adding more companions.
Especially given the romance options if the player chooses to marry them.

Could we see the aftermath of choices made?
For example Light-side jaessa eventually falling to the dark side.
or something reminding her of the Light do you let her find her own path? or kill the good left in her.

With character customization it would be nice to be able to shape your characters physique. makes it a it more unique cause you will soon find someone that chose the same options as you did.
skip to 0:33.

With the Legacy System perhaps there could be a Legacy story or something.
Would there would be more than just perks for Legacy levels.
If you chose the same class as a higher level player on your legacy.

You could meet others npcs that remind you that "your mum/sister/friend" was the best bounty hunter they have seen and you're just stumbling in her shadow.

With the Legacy story or quests I mean players on your legacy would either be praised or suffer the fall out of what pass characters have done.

Faction progression.
Will Governor Saresh aggressive Republic cause her to over reach?
Like "liberating" worlds and system from the Empire look more like conquest.
And have trouble with the senate.
Or believing the Empire to be a wounded beast continue the offensive and end up having major consequences.

Someone or something able to unite the Empire.
With ambitious Sith Lords and the small scale civil wars the Empire spends more time fighting each other than the Republic or its expansion.

So either the Emperor or Imperial Guard unites Sith/Imperials and returns the Empire to the formidable force that it used to be.

The Imperial Royal Guard has a very rich history that is yet to be explored in The Old Republic.

With new playable races you would have to explain how they come to either faction but please don't make them available to both unless through species unlocks.

Would another race join the Empire like the Chiss? or would it be done like a race proves its worth to their conquerors?

Minigames prove to be a fun pass time and there is so much possibilities with pod-racing.

Could we see weapon customization?
Not just colors but shapes, sounds, markings.

You would need to make a poll for new classes and race.
With a new class it cant be another Jedi/Sith class.