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01.19.2014 , 02:55 AM | #20
LOL, I came back to this game this month after not playing for almost a year. I was looking forward to finishing up the classes I didn't finish and my female scoundrel. I put on the Elegant Loungewear which were working fine when I left before, now the textures are YES rotated inward and twisted.

EVERY piece of ladies skimpy clothing will cause this problem. Even after the recent patch. The ONLY thing that does not cause this is when she is wearing her default underwear. GREAT, and there is NO covert bottoms. Those ottoms actually go with a few outfits I have with my smuggler as the hanging cloth from the upper body covers the bottoms nicely, only showing a little bit of the underwear. Another reason why they need covert bottoms, even if people think it would not be very popular. Well guess what, so are alot of armor in the game that are selling for dirt.