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What will be fixed? I hope the AFKers using bots on GSF 24/7.
Agreement: Or how Gunships are able to snipe players through the construction environment on the Makeb GSF B satellite (unless that's not how that works, in which case, I have some folks to report) That and the ability to leave a GSF match while it's going.

Statement: Too many players are treating it like they did the War Zones. They leave when things go bad. Players shouldn't be allowed to leave War Zones, and they DEFINITELY should NOT be allowed to leave GSF matches once the match has started.

Mockery: But then that's punishing players who are sucked into a losing War Zone that they don't want to be a part of.

Retort: That's the luck of the draw. The point is to get those who don't know how or refuse to be a team player to either learn to work with others and blame themselves for their own faults, or quit playing in them.

Mockery: But then your singling players out. That's not a nice thing to do.

Irritated Retort: Those players are like meatbags that cause trouble at a party. Eventually they will be ignored by enough people that they will either shape up or find something else to do. If they don't want to be upbuilding and helpful, then that's what they deserve. They can't get better if they don't learn that doing that is wrong.

Admission: I used to do that too when it came to a specific War Zone that I really dislike. But I learned very quickly how nobody likes it when team members start leaving. Specifically when things have just started to go bad.

Reminder: And don't forget, I'm the one who's writing this. That means that this includes me too. I can get sucked into a losing match. And I don't like to lose a match. If those players don't want to be mature, then the rest of us shouldn't have to suffer it. And being sucked into a losing match is much better than having to suffer through an entire match with one or more who badmouth and don't want to work together.
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