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Was he a light armor user?

It could be possible it was an upgrade for him. Please ask group mates if it is okay for you to roll need for a companion.

Rolling need in a group for a companion is socially unacceptable since the companion is not used in groups.

Later in the game you will have 4+ companions with variety of weapons and armor. Does this mean you will selfishly role need on every piece that drops just so you can gear all your companions?

This topic has been over-argued sorry for continuing it.

No, I have no desire to use more than 1 companion as my "main." Since the mechanic of companion is really new to the mmo world, I'm taking all the comments and opinions with a grain of salt. Technically, there is no right or wrong answer here IMO, but rather I'm just curious what the majority of the crowd says. Can't blame me for needing an item that i will actually use to full advantage. If i were selling the item, than yes, I can see this as being a **** move, but this isn't the case.
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