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12.24.2011 , 08:35 AM | #1
I was under the impression this mission was supposed to provide an orange helmet after completion..
Spent a while figuring out where to get it, what prereqs are required, considering those in Tat at the time were more then not helpful..
Eventually I managed to get there, and later I actually managed to get the quest done.

Much to my dismay I had the option to choose:
1) A Prototype Class 3 Lockbox
2) A Tatooine Commendation
3) A Reflex Ear Thing

I'm not sure if sources were wrong (4 seperate websites, even so that doesn't mean they're correct) or if there's something else at play here..
Anybody know what's going on?
Have done it twice so far..
Same reward both times...
I just want my helmet, not as if I can go buy Social Armor as a Heavy Armor wearer ):
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