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12.13.2011 , 03:13 PM | #10
I'm mostly wavering between a few options.
1x Production 1x Gathering 1x Mission
2x Gathering 1x Mission
3x Gathering

Since I plan on maxing multiple characters eventually I lean towards having at least one mission skill so that I can hop on my alts and send out companions on the long ~24 hour missions once every day at try to make a profit on those characters while I'm not even playing on them.

I don't particularly care if I have a production skill or not - though I suppose it can be more fun sometimes. At the same time in most MMORPG's crafting is more of a money sink than it is a money maker and more work than it's worth, leaving the gathering skills to make more profit over time (though somewhat boring to run around gathering mats for hours straight).