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Can I make a suggestion? Even though I wanted this current setup and spoke out against the 1m dummy and/or no armor debuff, the fact is that the global leaderboard has adopted the 1m & armor debuff model. I personally would prefer this to that, but I think it's even more important that the two leaderboards are using the same set of rules. I think Falver would find it difficult to convince the top 5 parsers in the world for each advanced class to re-parse, so is it possible you could consider using the 1m dummy since this is a newly-created thread?
I honestly dont mind either way. I know that was discussed earlier but thought it was settled on the 1.5. What ill do is add i 1m leaderboard because its not fair to ask everyone who have been doing the 1.5 to reparse for a thread i was continuing not redoing.
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