Thread: [Cybertech] Alternate recipe sources for MODs
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I like the cunning redoubts! Hear me out before you scream...

In some cases the defense is enough to reduce damage and therefore you last longer. its great if you are like a sniper or the like with DPS in that it allows for you to get a greater damage avoidance. Basically in a nutshell, it is great if your 'role' is to provide suppression fire and keep mobs from concentrating out on a your tank.
If you're pulling enough agro off the tank that defense helps you survive longer, then the tank either isn't doing his job properly, or he's intentionally sacrificing a DPS because the healer is struggling to keep him alive.
In any case, defense paired with cunning is never a good idea, unless you are low level and it's the only piece with cunning you can find/afford.