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That is very complicated question as every advanced class and skill set has different stat priorities. However, "ideal stats" are really only important at the level cap, so what gear you craft as a 350 <insert crew skill here> boils down to a few key factors:

- any "tank" gear should have nothing but "tank" stats: i.e. starting off with a green implant with aim, endurance, and defense rating (intended for a vanguard tank), you should only look for the "redoubt" blue version and then only the Veracity purple version through RE

- any non-tank gear should never contain tank stats: i.e. starting off with a green implant with strength, endurance and power (intended for a Jedi knight [guardian or sentinel] DPS), you should look for the overkill and critical blue versions and anything but the rampart/tempest (tank stat) or leadership/commander's (Presence) purple versions.

- there is no cunning tank class so anything with cunning do not bother with redoubt blue or any purple from those blues.

- When in doubt go for the power. That means overkill blues.

When you RE for new/better schematics if you get some undesirable versions while seeking the desirable ones that's fine, but IMO don't be a completionist.
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