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12.24.2011 , 08:12 AM | #1
So, short and sweet, i need opinions. Is it wrong to roll "need" on an item that's not necessarily your specific class item but one your companion could use?

I just got done hammer station with one other guy, and he completely went ape**** on me for rolling need on a lower robe. He asked why i rolled need, and i told him because my companion uses the consular items(Kira) and she has pretty much all the beginner gear. This made a huge improvement for my companion.

I'm level 21, and haven't come across much gear for her. I won the roll and he pretty much tried to make me feel like an *** about the entire situation. I even told him why but then he proceeded to cry more about it and then put me on ignore. *shrug*. I felt i did nothing wrong. My companion really helps me continue to progress alot smoother. The item was nearly 10 levels lower for him also.

I can see why he had a reason to complain, but we both rolled need. He acts as if i had no right AT ALL to roll need but yet we both had reasons why we needed it.

Comments? Suggestions? Opinions?

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