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01.13.2014 , 05:20 PM | #300
2.5.2 updates a few things relevant to achievement hunters:

•Solving the Ancient Pylons, defeating the Infernal Council, and defeating Soa in 8-Player Nightmare Mode Eternity Vault now properly grant their achievements.
•New Comet Breaker and Dustmaker Gunships are flexible long-range fighters, able to equip heavy laser cannons and torpedoes in addition to their railgun.
I know some folks were still unable to obtain these achievements for EV HM 8M (16M was never a problem as far as I know), so 100% for EV should now be available for those of you who didn't have these pre-2.0. Also, I presume there will be new additional achievements for ship mastery of the new Pub/Imp variant of the Gunship tomorrow or in 2.6.

Finally, the Bounty event will be returning if you need achievements for that, and I'm presuming that this dev post teases the new Rakghoul event.

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