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12.24.2011 , 08:00 AM | #1879
Hi all,

I've been researching this framerate problem for a while now and I have some things you can do that may help you improve your FPS but remember your hardware also needs to be good enough to run the game. However it is known that even powerful PC's are struggling with this game therefore it suggests an engine issue that I'm sure will be resolved. I also suspect Nvidia will release a driver that should increase performance for this game so that's something worth waiting for.

Regardless here are the list of things I have done:

1. The classic set to high settings and then to low settings.

2. Edited the games .ini which contains the graphic settings for your account. You can find this at: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\settings

My ini is as follows:


Note that setting the TextureQuality = 0 is actually setting textures to medium / high so if you want even better FPS try 1 or 2. I believe Bioware are aware that high settings aren't working and thus we can only either have low or medium.

3. Right click on the SWTOR launcher and click properties. Select Compatibility and choose the following:

Disable Visual Themes
Disable Desktop Composition
Run as Administrator

4. Go to Control Panel and then Nvidia control panel. Choose Adjust image settings on the left and then slide the slider from quality to performance if it isn't already.

5. Make sure drivers are up to date and open up task manager and close any non essential programs like flash update, printer drivers etc. Really though you should have all this disabled on startup anyway. Want my advice? Use CCleaner to clean your firefox history and crap and also fix your registry, defrag using defraggler and do a disk check by right clicking on the C drive in my computer and using the tools tab. Reset and let it do its thing.

6. It has been suggested that playing in window mode also helps. While I was datacron hunting I was playing in a smaller resolution which obviously helped. In fact it helped a great deal so you should consider playing at a crappy resolution if visuals do not bother you like myself. Performance over visuals is my motto.

I still get a drop in framerates in certain places like the space station but its a "lot" better than it used to be. My hardware could be better though. Nvidia 285 GTX, Quad Core 2.66 ghz and 4gb ram windows 7 64 bit.

Oh yeah you should consider getting Windows 7 if you have Vista because there is such a huge difference in performance that it's crazy.

Hope that helps.
Link to fix bad framerates below: