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Hey, if you're happy playing on empty servers - fine. There simply is no point debating this with people who expect they are right because they are paying a sub.

I pay a sub and I believe Flashpoints and Warzones should lose their restrictions. It will present a BETTER GAMING EXPERIENCE FOR ALL.
in caps, incase you again miss the point.
See I don't find my servers empty, maybe you need more friends to play with, what has me paying a sub got to do with it, how is my sub any different to a F2P player who buys unlocks ? So I chose to not buy a bigmac meal once a month to pay for my sub.

Well if there is suggestions for improvement post them here if your serious - and if they agree then I am sure they will implement them.

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the hilarious part (been around since beta mind you) is that these are the same EXACT people on the "SWTOR is gonna die in 6 months" train. i find this ammusing only because theyre now defending it. Do continue though.
This just made me think of that movie "Chicken Little" - The Sky is Falling ! not sure why