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Quote: Originally Posted by OwenBrooks View Post
There is no high horse except the one you are on about

This is where you get derailed, if your expecting that with this game, move along this isn't the game your looking for.

Feel free to check server loads and pick a server that is good for you -

Edit - post how "lowly" those same F2P people are on these forums?

I also don't think that at all , if people want to have a F2P account and pay for the unlocks or sub that is there choice and I see nothing wrong with that.
I like you how just pick out ONE thing from my post and actually ignore the facts. FACT - right now, servers are light when they used to be standard, even heavy at this time of day for Euro Servers.

Like everyone sitting on their high horse, you continue to miss the point. Hey, if you're happy playing on empty servers - fine. There simply is no point debating this with people who expect they are right because they are paying a sub.

I pay a sub and I believe Flashpoints and Warzones should lose their restrictions. It will present a BETTER GAMING EXPERIENCE FOR ALL.

in caps, incase you again miss the point.