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01.13.2014 , 05:05 AM | #73
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As far as I'm concerned, if you don't subscribe, you really don't have a voice when it comes to complaining about things working/not working. Just my two cents.
You really should tone the elitism down a notch. You realize the "f2P" people bring more revenue to this game than subs, right? You realize those F2P people saved this game so you could play it and post how "lowly" those same F2P people are on these forums?

If we want to to decide the hierarchy of importance simply from revenue and actual contribution to this games survival, subs would be the ones with no say following your little philosophy. Something to chew on, perhaps. Subs actually get more for less in the long term, yet somehow think they're the top of the food chain. Ask me, it's some subs who seem to show more "entitlement" than those lowly F2P players.