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You can still get them, there just isn't a CM based easy-button to get them fast (used that myself on my main - have three now and other two were earned in-game).

You can do space missions and get the fleet comms to buy them that way. Plus, one is bought with creds, and three others are craftable. There are also people like me who do space heroics on characters and then buy parts and sell them on the AH so that is another option if you don't want to spend the arguably nutso time it'd take to grind out the fleet comms for those pieces. Even with three characters in tier 7 it'd take me about 2 weeks of just doing the heroic daily to get a full set to sell. They're 350 a piece for the non-craftable non-cred bought ones.
Granted, but there's no reason why they should have taken them off the market. That or if they did, they should have significantly lowered the price of the other ones to make it less of a grind if they were making it the only option to acquire them.