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01.12.2014 , 05:50 PM | #9
Server: Harbinger
Character: Raphaelange Level 17 Sith Inquisitor (Assassin)
Location: Fury
Last actions: I did a lot of space missions, as i had just unlocked my personal ship. Then i decided to create a new character and long story short now cant play this character.
When i click play on this character, nothing happens. the loading screen doesnt show up the game doesnt crash, it just sits there. Doing nothing.
I can play my new characters that I have made on the Harbinger server, but still can't log into my Level 17.
It has been over a week now..

Also, this;
Quote: Originally Posted by merkene View Post
I am sorry but I am frustrated and I have to say what I am about to say....
I can't believe what am I hearing here. People are reporting this problem for couple of weeks and it is still not being fixed yet ? I opened a ticket yesterday for this issue and got the same response that is posted on this forum. We as THE CUSTOMERS are not your employees, we are not beta testers either. You are telling us (THE CUSTOMERS) to sit and waste OUR TIME waiting to be able to play the game. Also you DON'T CLOSE an open ticket unless the issue is resolved or fixed. You can't just say yeah we know it, but i want you to do this and that first and then help me do my job. why don't I come and work as a programmer and fix your bugs for free as well ? Oh wait I am a paying member. I should have never signed up.
Sort your *********** **** out