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This highlights just how little the TOR devs know what they are doing. PvP should not be an option of any kind on the PvE servers. Not even sparring or dueling. PvP should be 100% restricted to the servers dedicated to PvP. PvE players choose a PvE server because they don't want to play with that ganking crap.

More BioWare/EA/Lucasarts fail.

So many people have no idea what camping and griefing is.

This stuff is child's play compared to EVE or old school SWG. I remember the days of swg when there were no vehicles and you had to do a corpse run to get your stuff back. Or even after they changed it so that you cloned with you stuff but could only clone to the closest facility. You couldn't save your clone data till much later. Talk about camping....

We'd take over other guilds cities by clone camping them. Your only recourse was to log off. There was no such thing as a pve vs pvp server.

Even ganking lowbies at crossroads in WoW was a lot of fun. On a good server it draws players out to retake lost territory resulting in some of the best pvp memories you could have. On a bad server everyone ignores it till the gankers get bored in a few min and leave.

PvP is as much a part of this game as pvp. Getting ganked once isn't griefing. It's a minor inconvenience. Just rez to your closest med center and move on. The amount of rage towards these rare occasions is laughable.

Otherwise. Nice necro.
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