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01.12.2014 , 01:29 PM | #7
For me, this only occurs on The Harbinger, and on every character I have there. All of whom are either on their starships, or in the VIP area of fleet, and range in level from 20-55. This has been going on consistently for almost two weeks as of the time of this posting, however I can't recall the precise day it started.

In detail:
I am looking at the The Harbinger Character Select screen, select a character and click the "Play" button. I hear the sound, but then nothing happens. I am still looking at the Character Select screen. I have run through all 12 of my characters on The Harbinger, with the same result.

If I exit the game entirely while on The Harbinger Character Select screen, and then re-start the game, I am then able log on all characters normally. If I am on The Harbinger when the game first launches, everything seems to work fine. This issue appears to occur only after selecting and logging in to The Harbinger from the US Server List.