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01.12.2014 , 09:30 AM | #5
Server: Harbinger
Number of characters Total: 19
# Character's with issue: 18,
Character's that Work: 1, ( which is my lowest lvl , 7) Imp side, 35 secs to log into it,
Location of Working Alt: Nemro's Palace, Hutta.

Wait time for Characters that don't work: 15~25 mins ( before giving up and going to the Ebon Hawk)
Details: I log on into the Harbinger server and click on a character. The sound plays for launching into the Character load screen and then doesn't do anything else. Just sits on the Character select screen.

I can play any character that i have created on the Ebon hawk but when switching or even starting out on the Harbinger server i cannot get on to any of my characters except for the one that works. If i want to play on my Main's I have to switch from the Ebon hawk server to the Harbinger and then exit out of the game entirely. Then reload the game and click on only 1 character to play and then not log off unless i want to go thru this process all over...

Also don't know if it helps or not but here goes: I've been a subscriber since game launch and have been playing since, so i was wondering if it might help to inform you I've been seeing some Really old glitches again i.e: The orange pixel dot for like a bit. This weird column of missing graphics on doc that says Missing Granny all over it during the end of Chp 2 knight story. Here's a pic of this one here